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Pure Tone Amps – Own the TONE.

Crafted by hand in small numbers with custom features, using the techniques of the past and a unique approach to the features, tone, looks and practicality.

The quality and the design gives the rich, complex sounds that inspire the player to keep on playing and feel each note. The dynamics, the sustain, the feel……

True point to point, every amplifier is built from scratch and developed like a sculpture.

Each amp is unique with handwritten labels, hand engraved logos and the looks that the owner prefers regarding the colourĀ and the knobs styling.

Pure Tone Amps give you the chance to get a huge palette of sounds from each model, for every application and the ability to easily take your lovely sounds with you in the studio, live or at home.

A refreshing twist of how amplifiers should sound, feel, behave, look. The amps that gets you to the land of TONE.

Pure Tone Amps
Chania – Crete – Greece.